Recruit warriors, expand your empire and plunder the treasures!
Dead Paradise 4
    In the fourth episode of the action-packed racing game Dead Paradise you have to make your way through an abandoned underground laboratory alive. Tune up your car and weapons to be prepared for the hordes of undead creatures
Crazy Sapper
    Get through the battlefields and save the entire world!
Tank in Action
    Destroy blocks, cars and anything else in your way as you drive your tank across perilous levels. Try to complete all 24 levels as quickly as possible.
Vampire Skills
    Vampire Skills is a funny point and click puzzle adventure game by Fastgames. As a student of a vampire training school, you must learn how to prey on victims. Much Fun!
Bob the Robber 2
    The masked thief is back to his new challenge "Bob the Robber 2". Help Bob one more time to break in houses to steal all valuable items without getting catched. Much fun.
Bomb It Kart Racer
    Race your bumper car to the finish, but don't expect the competition to play nice
Bomb It 4
    Blow away the competition in Bomb It 4
Hobo 2
    Break free from prison in the second version of Hobo! More gore.
Raze 3
    Lock and load! Arm youself with weapons it's time to take on aliens, robots and more!
Gun Mayhem
    Arena style action! Battle in a 2 player mode or against smart AI. Plenty of weapons, maps and customization in this cool game
Penalty of Destiny
    Penalty of Destiny arrived! How good are your skills? Your job is to kick from the penalty mark and score as much goals as you can. The game ends when the goalkeeper stops your penalty five times. Are you good enough to bring
Monkey Go Happy: Talisman
    Unravel the mystery behind the missing talisman of Swampville to make one of the apes go happy again! In this brand new edition of the popular point and click game you must scan all areas for hints and tokens. Collect 'em all
Feed Us: Pirates
    The pirates are taking over the shores! Don't let them ruin your island adventure! Knock out pirate boats, collect enough blood to buy awesome abilities, fellow fish and new weapons. Show them who's the boss! Can you comple
Imperial Battle Tactics
    Imperial Battle Tactics is a fun-addicting war strategy game in which you have the command over the faction of your choice. Send out your soldiers to defeat other clans and take over the world. Much fun!
Flappy Bird
    Flappy Bird Flash Help the flappy bird fly through the pipes while avoiding the obstacles. Of course, it won't be as simply as it sounds! You could never actually complete the game... ha ha ha! What will be your high score?
Earn To Die 2012: Part 2
    Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 You've got a sudden call from the military base. All survivors need to get to the Airfield B-13 for an urgent evacuation! It's time to get on your truck and smash the zombies that stand on your way
Plants vs Zombies 2
    Plants vs. Zombies 2. The zombies are coming back. It's about time! Meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the daw...
Papa's Freezeria
    Manage your ice cream parlor as you create frosty orders in time to please your paying customers.
Plants Vs Zombies Christmas
    Plants vs Zombies Christmas! More zombies are coming on Christmas Day. Help Peashooters to kill all the incoming zombies.
    Play Gun Blood to feel the old cowboys emotions, you can hear every bullet whistle by your ear and the smell of gunpowder becoming stronger with every level and difficulty degree. Among the various duels with opponents and yo
Zomback 2
    Aaaah, the zombies are back to eat your brains! Destroy them at all costs in Zomback 2, a fun physics-based puzzle game. All you have to do is to remove several boxes and shapes, in order to get the undead blocks to the cure
Monkey Go Happy: Ninjas
    Guess what, in this sequel of the Monkey Go Happy saga there are 70 mini ninjas hidden. You must uncover them all to make the big ape stop crying. Search all scenes of Monkey Go Happy: Ninjas carefully and interact with objec
Feed Us 3
    (+13) The piranha is back hungrier than ever! Get prepared to swim around and hunt for humans to grow your piranha as big as you can! Watch out for sea monsters, the great white shark and electrifying jelly fish! You can coll
Feed Us: Lost Island
    The hungry piranha doesn't stop bothering the humans! Blood is his only source of nutrition and power, so he will attack any living thing in sight. Help him swim around the island in the open sea, and collect enough blood to
Siegius Arena
    Blood will be spilt as you fight to the death in a series of arena battles. Upgrade your gladiator and fight for your life!
Zombotron 2
    A good zombie... it's a dead zombie! Agree? Then you're not mistaken with the address. You will have a chance to test it in practice. Destroy all zombies and save the planet Zombotron! God of War is on your side
Awesome Pirates
    The pirates are in search of treasure and they want to dig all over your lovely island! Luckily, you've got your mighty cannon to stop them. Upgrade your fort as they try to destroy it and buy more awesome cannons to protect
Battle Gear 3
    Fight against the joint forces of Humaliens Battle, Myth Wars and Age of Defense to dominate the world!Each battle involves deploying units and building defenses with the goal of destroying your enemy's base or shattering
Super Adventure Pals
    Travel the land and battle monsters - an epic quest to track down the evil Mr B who has stolen your pet rock! But fear not, you have the help of your good friend the Giraffe! Level up along the way for new weapons and hat col
Gone to the Dogs
    Train your racing dog. Win races to earn money, which you can spend on your dog to make it stronger. Buy a proper dog and choose a simple race to start with. You can place bets before the start to earn extra money.
Death Lab
    Death Lab Shoot your way to take out the enemy guards in each area! You can use your bombs, ricochet bullets, Tesla laser shots or take advantage of the melting acid pools to complete your missions! You'll earn extra cash,
Medieval Shark
    Judgement day is upon us, as the prophecy foretold. The master of death has come to claim the world. But only a child fears dragons, a real threat emerges from the depths. Only he, a man, a shark, a shark-man can save us! Is
Knight vs Giant
    Knight vs Giant The village was attacked by an evil giant and his cruel monsters, people were scared and lost hope, because all their food and houses were taken. Take the role of a brave knight and try to defeat the terrible
Pocket Platoon
    Hey Sarge! Add soldiers to your squad and start exploring enemy territory. Dig up precious crystals and blast the giant bugs! Keep your troops alive, steal alien weapons and saves teh earths, ok?
Mutant Fighting Cup
    Mutant Fighting Cup Grow and genetically mutate your pet by combining various genes in the lab, and send him to fight mutant animals. Discover the best gene combinations and make him the world mutant fighting champion!
Neo Circuit
    Neo Circuit is an addictive strategy game inspired by War of Cells. Mission of the game is to conquer all nodes in the circuit. Click and drag from a blue CPU to another node to start an attack. Enjoy Neo Circuit!
Earn to Die
    In Earn to Die you are surounded by zombies and this is why you need to escape to the helicopter. Get money by destroying undead bodys and upgrade your car