Turtle Odyssey
    Play the full version with more features, more levels and better graphics!
Home Sheep Home
    Home Sheep Home is a physics platform game about sheeps. Mission of Home Sheep Home is to guide Shaun the Sheep and his friends back to the barn. Control a jumbuck with arrow keys and switch between Shaun, Shirley and Timmy w
Hot Dog Bush
    The objective is to serve each and every costumer day in and day out. Try not to get them angry by having them wait too long for their food. Make sure you dont over or undercook their grub! Enjoy free online games!
    Create links between various objects on the screen to help guide the pigs to the acorns in each level.
Battle Gear 2
    Rewrite history and conquer the world with either the USA, Russia or China.
    You are an ever-growing grey goo with a habit of engulfing everything in your path. Eating a time machine however may have not been the best idea!
Haunt the House
    Haunt the House is a spooky ghost action game. Your ghost can possess objects with his soul. Different objects have many different spooky actions. Control your ghost and obsessed objects with arrow keys. Press SPACE to posses
    You and the frogs Kulikvak and Kvakulína race in sliding a toboggan. The goal of the game is to ride down all slides as quickly as possible and without any accidents. Various tricks and collected items during help you to get
SpeedPlay World Soccer 3
    Jump into this soccer game by choosing your country team then competing against other teams in this speedy game. Pass the ball between players and try to score some goals while defending your own post.
Trollface Quest 6
    Wtf, the ugly troll goes sporty? In the sixth Trollface Quest it's all about sports. Point and click through all scenes and help the troll to do his exercises on a not so regular basis. How many clicks does it takes to solve
Awesome Conquest
    An army of evil has penetrated into the heart of your country to steal an amulet. Get it back at all costs in the strategy game Awesome Conquest. You've got 60 seconds to set up your troops while you gain money by mining and
My Dolphin Show 5
    Let the show begin! The hoops are in place, the audience is waiting: jump in the water is warm
Newspaper Boy Saga
    In this funny game about the legendary newspaper boy you have to spread carnage around the whole neighborhood while taking the paper route. Ride your bike and throw the daily paper accurate. Your goal in Newspaper Boy Saga is
Doodle Brigade
    An evil ink monster sends his troops out to take over your kingdom and plunder your ink rests. Hire and set up a mighty Doodle Brigade to stop the invaders and gain more ink. Draw soldiers, walls, mines and other helpful upgr
Zombie Blast
    You don't know why, but once your town is overrun by ravenous undeads. Saddle up and get ready for what comes next, 'cause you have to blast the zombies in this addicting endless carnage game. Try to survive all waves of bloo
Sugar Panic
    In this colorful, sweet physics-based brain teaser you have to use several objects to get the striped candy to the tiny monsters. Puzzle out where and when you have to place triangles of cheese, boosters, chocobars and other
Vikings vs. Pandas
    This physics-based destruction game is all about the fight of Vikings vs. Pandas. Help the nordic beardy man to get rid of the the panda bears by shooting their houses. Swing the racket to hit the cannon ball. Try to kill all
Puppet Hockey
    Win the ice hockey World championship in this cool physics-based sports game. Choose your favourite team of puppets and go for the trophy! Move, jump, catch and shot the puck in thrilling one-on-one matches. Your goal of Pupp
Papa Louie 3
    Hurray! Finally the long awaited third sequel of Papa Louie's platform adventure is here. Evil food monsters have kidnapped the cook and his friends. In Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack it's up to you to fight the attackers
Big Dig Treasure Clickers
    Get richer than rich in the fun idle game Big Dig Treasure Clickers. Your target is to search the ground for valuables and coins. Move your mouse over the grid, click and hold to check single squares. If there is nothing big
    This is not only just another clicker game! How often can you click on the red button before the time runs out? Have fun!
Kanye West Torture Chamber
    Welcome to the parody game Kanye West Torture Chamber. Here you are right, if either you hate that jackass rapper or you just want to waste some time by mutilating a loud-mouthed douche bag. Choose between the several options
Truck Loader
    Use your magnetized constructo bot to pick up, carry, re-position and load these heavy duty trucks. Careful with fragile objects and remember to keep everything right side up
Caribbean Admiral
    You are Admiral of the Caribbean fleet, the man who cleared the seas from the pirate scum and respected by everyone. When you battled the legendary ghost ship, a ship faster than the wind, a ship that your cannonballs couldn